Right now i use the me50 with my Ibanez toneblaster and it does pretty well, then again, this one is a solid state

I know you're full of wisdom so I ask:
Is using a BossMe50 with a Laney GH100 a bad idea?

I've heard that multi fx pedals screw the sound of tube amps, I'm getting a Laney for christmas and I can't afford a lot of single pedals right now, but will i be ok with that?

I play blues and teh metulz btw

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I run a multi-effects box (Digitech Gnx3) through a hybrid amp (Randall Rg75), and it sounds a fine, there is just constantly some normal hum from the tubes, whereas a solid state makes no noise.
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It will work just fine. you MIGHT have to run it through the effects loop, but i ran an ME-50 through my hotrod deluxe and it sounded great. unfortunately, ive found that the ME-50 was a bit overwhelming for me so now i'm selling it for some fulltone pedal .

but yea, you'll definitely be fine. it will be a lot of fun and hep you decide what individual pedals you'll like.
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