quick question for you guys / gals. There's a guy here in town selling a ValveKing 112 for 250$. Says it's pretty much brand new (less than a year since purchase). Is that a pretty good deal and is that a pretty decent metal amp? Right now I have the following:

PRS Custom SE
Ibanez GAX70

Vox AD30VT (the hybrid combo amp)
Fender Blues JR.

I'm looking to possibly pick up a schecter hellraise or maybe another higher level ibanez to play some good solid metal and am trying to find a good amp that will compliment the new guitar when I get it. Also, if I get the schecter it has the SD active pickups so take that into consideration if it makes a difference.

So, good deal or no or should I save up for something better? I play at home and can't really jam out too loud or the neighbors will whine. I'm not playing gigs or in a band or anything but I do want a sound that will punch you in the nuts and make you like it.
Can I suggest that, if you've already got two guitars that play well, you use the money you'd spend on a new guitar on a higher end amp?

To answer your question, the Valveking can supposedly achieve metal with some mods and an OD pedal (I wouldn't know, I don't play metal on mine), but I'm pretty sure it won't be "punch in the nuts" metal.
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Thanks for the feedback Mathamology. The money isn't really the problem, I'm just looking for a deal. I'm not looking to spend 2k or anything but 1k is certainly within my price range for an amp (and still allowing me to get a guitar that I want). So I'm really trying to build a good combo between the two.

I had looked at one of those Randall 50 watt tube combos (forgot the model but it's the combo version of the MTS series) with one of the higher gain modules for it. Haven't played one yet but my guitar teacher says it has nice tone (he's probably biased since his brother owns the store where i get lessons and where that amp is). I've watched a few vids showing the krank rev+ (i think that's the one) half stack and it had some nice ass tone. But there is nowhere in my area that has those so that I can actually plug in and listen. The marshall is pretty nice but a bit out of my range. I've thought about the peavey windsor but I think it may be a bit too lound and also don't think it has the deep sound I'm looking for either.

Oh man, maybe I'm trying to find something that doesn't exist? A small tube combo amp with nut punching sound that sounds good at low level and stays (at most) around the 1k mark.

I got to looking at some other threads and how about this. Would a good pedel (or set of them) out in front of that blues jr pump it up to a decent heavy sound?

BTW, by heavy I'm talking about something like Amon Amorth (sp?).
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Well, first thing I'm going to say is that the Valveking, IMO, is not a bad amp for the price; though for it to be a good amp you're going to need to make some modifications (i.e. speaker change, tube swaps, invest in an overdrive) - especially if you want to play metal. Considering you're getting it for $250, you can afford the upgrades; but I'm going to suggest you look elsewhere - especially if you can spend $1k.

There are plenty of experienced users on here that will be able to provide you with some excellent suggestions. I'm gonna link you to a few threads that will provide you with information on amps that might fit the bill. Most of the threads have a lot of detail that you will find helpful, along with people who own the amps.

First things first, the Valveking thread. Read the information, talk to the guys, they'll give you all the advice you'll ever need on the VK.

Here's the Randall thread, should be able to get some decent information on the amp your guitar teacher mentioned.

You might be interested in checking out Bugera amps; apparantly great for gain, and are reasonably priced. Can handle metal much better than the VK.

Im gonna point you in the direction of both theXXX / JSX / ULTRA and 5150 / 6505 amps. Read up and see what you think; you can usually find them second hand within your price range.

And finally, the Metal amps thread should cover any questions you have regarding an amp for metal.

Can I also stress that, you should try the amps out. If you like the VK, go for it. If you like the Randall, go for that instead. Check out what the guys in the above threads have to say, and try out any of the suggestions (if you can) that they give.

Pedal wise, I'd always reccomend tube distortion over a pedal - that's not to say there aren't some excellent boutique pedals out there that will do what you need; but they're costly. Check out the OD / DIST / BOOST thread. Some good reviews of distortion pedals in there, and they will be more than happy to answer and question. But I'd still reccomend a decent tube distortion over a pedal.

Hope that helped
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Damn man, thanks for that . I had looked at that Valveking thread which is what made that one on CL catch my eye. Some of those others I hadn't checked out so I'll go look at them. Wasn't really wanting to make this into a big discussion (since there are tons of "which amp" threads to look at) but the information will help and I'll probably end up with a better deal because of it.

Thanks for the taking the time to put that together; I really appreciate it.
Heres the issue with the VK and Metal....

VK: $250
Boost: $50-$238

VK: $420
Boost: $50-$238

The Issue
Used Ultra $280+, Used 5150 $500+, Used Triple $600+
New Bugera $550

Its a great blues and classic rock amp but its not designed or voiced for metal so it will need mods to get it almost there but it will never be completely there like the amps listed and no mods are need they are there...
IP gave you a good cost summary there and Mathamology gave you some good links.

You have the budget and some decent amps already. Would you keep your other 2 amps or sell? Have you checked your local craigslist.

If you could do this for $300 (used VK and bad monkey) is that worth it? Just asking?

(original song/rough draft)
recent UGr with stock VK and OD I believe. Necrophagist777 has some killer stuff too.
Hey thanks for the additional feedback guys. You're really helping form a solid educated opinion on what to do.

IbanezPsycho: Would those amps be too loud for home use and / or do they sound good at lower volumes? I've thought of looking into the triple rec but always assumed it would be a bit overkill. Same for the 5150. As far as the ultra and bulgara, I've never had a chance to see or hear them in action. Maybe it's time to do some youtube searching (my area does not have any dealers of good equipment sadly enough).

311ZOSOVHJH: To answer your question about my current setup, I'm planning on either selling or trading in the ibanez and vox amp. I'm keeping the PRS and blues jr for jazzy or bluesy playing, maybe even some rock type playing. Right now I'm focused just on a setup for some heavy metal (Slipknot, gwar, Amon Amarth, maybe some grungier pantera sounds). And it was my local craigslist where I found the VK 112. Other than that all I could find within about 100 miles were solid state amps or fenders. About the sound in the song (nifty song btw), it's a little high pitched for what I'm looking for. Something along those lines with a little more low end bite. Although that may could be fixed by different eq settings. Here's a video of a sound very close to what I'm looking to emulate : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WF6-VK-lwU&feature=channel .. actualy, most of that guys vids fit the sound I'm looking for. Maybe the trick is in the tuning of the guitar? (hope not since I don't want to dick around with tunings :/ )
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Hrm, was just looking at CL again and found this for the same price as that VK


bout an hour and half drive but may be worth it? Will have to find some sample sounds from the b52 but I want to say I had heard they were ok but lacking when compared to something like a mesa.

If you have a cabinet, it wouldn't be a bad choice.

Of course, it won't be in the same league as the Mesa, it'll still be in the same ballpark. In fact, those B-52 amps sound very similar to a Mesa/Boogie Rectifer series amplifier.

Try it out and see if you like it. Personally, I like the B-52 amps a little bit more than a Valveking.

On the Valveking - Metal debate. When I borrowed my friend's VK, I managed a pretty knarly metal tone with the stock amp and the volume and gain boost switch engaged. It was the 2x12 mind you.
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Thanks for the new info H4T3BR33D3R. The cab is something I do not have and really don't want to fool around with a head / cab setup (I really prefer the simplicity and portability of a nice 1x12 or 1x10 combo). I listened to a few b52 clips on youtube and they just didn't do it for me. Found some peavey 6505 vids that had nice sound. Listened to some bugara as well and they just left me wanting. So far I think the Krank rev+ has the sound that seems to be where I want to be, but for some reason I don't get that warm fuzzy feeling when I think about those. The randall sounds good (the head version) but i would have to try the modules out. Maybe I'll just stay after practice this weekend and see if they will let me run through all of the modules to see if any fit what I'm looking for.

man I wish I had a good place around here to test out some of these various amps. The only thing around here really is GC and it's typical mass of solid state amps, fender tube amps, and 3k marshall setups. The local shops (like where i take lessons) tend to only have low end stuff or high end stuff from just one brand, like the randalls. Maybe it would be worth the drive to something like New Orleans to see if I can find some to test out down there.
In your situation, making a day of testing amps in a bigger city would probably be a great choice.

Scout the stores you want to see online to find out where they are.

Make a list of what to try, but don't necessarily limit yourself to just those.

Since you might make only one trip and you may well try tons of amps, take notes on all the amps you try, likes dislikes and so on, also specify which exact model you tried and the price on the sticker. If an amp doesn't wow you in say 15 or 20 minutes, move on, it may not be for you. If you really like an amp, try to give it a little longer and look at it objectively, look for the faults, since in your wowed state you might overlook them.

If you can, try to call ahead to these stores to see what they have and see if they can set you up as far as trying the amps and being able to play them at whatever volumes you want.

That's all I can think of, if anyone has anything to add please feel free.
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Thanks for the suggestions Kevin. I definately don't want to make the 2 hour drive and waste a day because I'm not prepared. And I definately have the wow factor when I start to play something new. I could plug into a piece of poo and would instantly love the sound.. lol.. ok, maybe not that bad, but close. I think my biggest problem is either not knowing *exactly* what I want or wanting everything. Maybe I'm just one of those people who are never satisfied. Then again, maybe I just haven't heard the right amp in person yet... all I do know is that out of my current setup I can get the cleans and bluesy rocky type tones I like, but nothing anywhere near the metal sound I want. Even with my tonepro I have a hard time finding the right sound. Although the 80's metal is pretty close if I tweak the settings and add some compression and a tube screamer to it..
What is your total budget for new amp?

which current amps are you keeping/selling?

Keep and eye on craigslist and your GC's used gear section.

I would prolly keep the Blues Jr and then stay on the look out for a 5150 of Peavey XXX combo or something and then switch back and forth. The Vk 50 wattr can be tamed at bedroom levels. Check some of the other clips in the VK thread. Specifically sg622, Sadistic Sponge, Necrophagist777, dopethrone, etc.

otherwise, look for a higher end amp that does you other genres out of the box.
Well the budget is around the 1k mark. The randall RM50 with 2 modules will run me 1200 roughly and that's really pushing what I want to spend. But I obviously want to spend the least amount possible. I might would go to 1500$ if it was something that just made me wet myself when played but that's probably not going to happen.

I've been looking at CL and not having much luck really (other than the vk112 that started this thread off). I live in Mobile, Al and have looked here, the florida panhandle, southern mississippi, and even New Orleans. There were a couple of decent deals but nothing that really stood out (like the b52 at100 head for 250$ but the missing name plate bugs me (yes, I'm as picky about looks as I am about sound )).

As far as my current gear, I'm keeping the PRS and the Blues Jr. They make a good combo for that type of sound. The Ibanez and the Vox amp are most likely going to be sold or traded.

I'll check out those clips (I listened to a few on various threads but not sure if they were from that thread or not) and tomorrow after my lesson I'm probably going to fire up that randall at the shop and see how it sounds. I found a couple of vids on youtube of someone playing the head version of the RM100 and it was pretty sweet (don't know what modules though).