Hey all. I just so happened to have screwed up the frets on my Ibanez IC300. Don't ask how mmmk. So I just want to know if the Wizard neck will fit on the Iceman body. And if not does any other neck besides the IC300 neck fit on the Iceman?
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I'm pretty sure that an ICX over the 100's already have Wizard II necks. Could be wrong, though.

The new ICXT700's have 5 piece Wizard II neck thru's, so no for that.
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you certainly can put a new neck on except you may need to sand out the neck pocket a bit or shim it to make the new neck fit....
Also check your scale length, you may need to route out or shim the neck pocket so that the scale length is correct, or it may just be right
ok. sounds good. But after looking at some prices for the necks, I think that it would probably be cheaper for me just to get a new guitar lol.
Because the Wizard necks that I'm seein are like 275 bucks plus like 50 bucks of shipping which is more than I paid for the guitar.