How do you go about doing it? I've tried to attack it several ways and failed each time. What's the secret? I want to do a few Christmas songs now so they're ready for Christmas.
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Different tunings and a capo will lead you down some interesting roads. Learn different types of music, well, you don't have to learn it, if you're lazy Just look up the tabs and get some ideas, it should help you get out of the scales you're bound to. Looking at Jazz and Progressive has really helped me. Hope that helps and is what you're looking for.

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^--To my knowledge he cant read sheet music, he knows his theory though.
I honestly don't think music theory would do it. Music theory would just make a technically correct song. Music is about emotion.. just play around and let out your emotion.

I know barely any theory at all and I wrote two songs in that style.. because I put my emotion into it. Just keep trying and you'll write one!

"^--To my knowledge he cant read sheet music, he knows his theory though."
Oh, alright... I know he learned how to build chords, but I thought that was as far as he went with it... meh, I'll take your word for it!

Anyways, making a song in the style of Tommy can be a difficult thing... 'cause there are so many dimensions! But it can be reeaally satisfying, when you can play it for people and see the look on their face Just take your time with it, don't force anything... or else you might end up with something totally different than what you wanted.

If I were to write one, I'd write it like a normal song! Just write a lead, rhythm and percussion... but remember to keep it all in the same place (within 5 - 7 frets depending on 'stretchability')

Step One - Knowing what mood, feel, vibe I want... I'd lay down a chord progression...
Step Two - Figure out the tempo, rhythm, any embelishments you want. Start building your baseline around the chord progression you've made.
Step Three - Start adding depth and complexity to embelishments, and start working on any percussion you want to fit in.
Step Four - Throw it all together, keep practicing it! The last thing you want is to write a piece that you can't even play
Step Five - Any last embelishments, refine the any picking patters, baselines and percussion.

So that's how I'd go about it, but I wouldn't be to strict! I'll move steps around, 'cause remember you don't want to force things! If you've got a cool rhythm or baseline... then build a song around that! Just let it flow... and have fun!!