What are the most beautiful sounding orchestral tracks from your favorite video games?

virtually anything on Legend of Zelda, or that secure place theme on Resident Evil 4
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i dont think this is the right forum..

Edit: i dont play video games so i can help you
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Just about anything from Final Fantasy, especially 7, 8, 9 and 10. "The Extreme" from FF8 is a particular favourite of mine right now.
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Finally fantasy 3 as well.

Megaman x was awesome too, and so way x4
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one winged angel from FF7. in fact, everything from FF7 is awesome. in fact, further than that pretty much all music from all the final fantasy games is quite good. DragonQuest always had really good music too.
I'd say the intro to Kingdom Hearts is pretty neat. I like the Gregorian chants from Halo 1 too. Uhh, I can't think of any more but the Zelda stuff is probably the best.
Well most people are probably nostalgic related to it so it's personal choice. But the Final fantasy series has good compositions on it's own.

But for a personal decision: Secret Of mana & secret of evermore. (2 old snes rpg's when my life was still careless and easy )

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FF7 - One Winged Angel
MGS 1, 2 or 3 - Theme
Halo 1 - The Easter Egg music on Assault On The Control Room (from an earlier Bungie game but can't remember what. Someone please tell me)
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There is nothing, NOTHING! that beats the metal gear music, Harry Gregson-Williams is a genius and nothing can beat his MGS Game-score! NOTHING!!
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I really liked the soundtrack/score in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

I have to say that I like that soundtrack as well

But, this should be in Bands & Artists (probably under the "other" category, I suppose). Make sure there isn't some massive thread there on video game music if you're going to make a new thread.

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