I desperately need a new guitar, I've been playing my crappy AXL for ages now.
I play Decapitated, Desecration, Cryptopsy, Deicide, Vehemence, etc. Basically brutal death metal, so i need a guitar suited to some decent distortion.
I have a 50w marshall head amp, and im about to buy a blackheart 112 speaker cab.
My price range is fairly low: >£170
I've been looking at the Dean VNXMTBK, the Ibanez GRG170DX
and the bc warlock metal master/Warbeast, my two personal favourites.
I've been reading conflicting reviews about these all day, and i desperately need some help...
Thanks in advance,
but i cant really afford more, on top of the new speaker cab i'm getting.
Is the bc warlock range any good? Theyre nice and cheap, and ive read some good reviews...
Thanks for your quick replies.
I've heard some bad reviews about them aswell...but theyre probably by guitar snobs with guitars worth like two grand.
Im not looking for a perfect guitar...just something that sounds decently distorted.
I'll go into town tomorrow and try and have a go on one.
Plus, they look brutal
Hm, maybe an Epiphone Prophecy EM-2 EX, or if you want a Floyd Rose (it's an original), EM-2 FX. $300/$400, respectively.
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