Hi, i play in a progressive band, so lots of changing between distorted and clean, and was wondering which schecter would suit me better. I've played the hellraiser avenger, hellraiser c1, and c1 classic, but are the emgs or jb+jazz pickups a better choice?
JB/Jazz. Youll actually get a useable clean sound from either pickup, unlike most EMGs. And the Jazz should sound great clean.
In my opinion JB + JAZZ = the sweetest pickup combination ever!
I have heard some nice cleans come out EMG's, but compared to the JAZZ....?
The JB can do amazing overdrive/distortion tones, and is great if you want a crisp, less warm clean tone too.
I often play some blues solos on my RR5 (2xJB), not the most blues looking guitar, but it gets the job done.

EDIT: p.s. strangely enough i'm also considering the C-1 Classic.

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thanks for the input, i know guitarist from tool has the jb/jazz too
the JB/Jazz. I'll hopefully be putting a set in my Hellraiser soon, since I've started to really go back and forth between super clean passages and super crunchy passages; EMGs are too too clean on the clean channel, and distorted when played hard. SDs can do both, and everything in between. Plus, EMGs dont' clean up that well when you roll back the volume; you've got to either turn up the volume really high on your amp, or tap the EMGs to get them to sound good when you roll off the volume knob on a dirty channel.
Quote by guarana
thanks for the input, i know guitarist from tool has the jb/jazz too

yes but have you also checked out his rig :P anyway jb/jazz would win but you can always change pickups remember that