Leaf , becuz it's green

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look slike an esp m-??? maybe with and added pickup or something
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It's an ESP LTD M series, that's all I can tell you.
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Most likely an ESP. I can find it on their site, it's probably custom seeing as the pickups are that close together.
... Looks like an ESP or a Schecter to me.

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not a schecter
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Schecter from the looks of it.
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id say a jackson or ESP custom M. im more positive on the ESP though
Guys over at the ESP Forum have a few of those I believe.
It's deffinatly gotta be an LTD.
I'm going to say it's a custom build, due to the fact there's no name on the headstock.

Also, what's with the spamming up of the thread!?

EDIT: TS, who is that, I recognise him

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ESP Stephen Carpenter Signature by the looks of it
Different paintjob however
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judging the headstock id say its a esp
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