I need the work shown too...its for a test and for some reason i cant get this one?


just a standard algebra problem, but i cant seem to get it!!
please help

and the 12/13 isnt division, supposed to be the fraction12 over 13

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and the 12/13 isnt division, supposed to be the fraction12 over 13

it's the same thing





x= - 3/13

or you could go


x=(12/13)*(-1/4)= - 3/13
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first do 12 / 13 on a calculator

then, divide by -4 the number you get.....

note: don't divide by zero.

edit: 12/13 = fraction yes... a fraction is a division.

1/2 = 0.5

0.5 is the half of 1 no?

2/2 = 1

if you really do want a fraction though, just put the number you get when you divide by -4 on 1.
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it's the same thing





x= - 3/13
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well i don't have a calculator so im jsut gonna show the work you can do the rest.




just do the math and there you have it. lol........
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x= -(12/13) * (1/4) divide the -4 on other side (in this case multiply by - 1/4)
x= -(12/(13*4)) can multiply factors (times the top and the bottom
x= -(3/13) The 12 is reduced to 3 from dividing 12 by 4

there you go, hope this lines up right on page