i got a 5150 combo and I need new tubes
now how do i do it? can i do it myself? and also which tubes would i buy and from where? i live in France. I'm looking for where i can get good ones for cheap.
well i just would like to know if anyone can help me with choosing my new tubes.
I like the amount of gain it has so i wouldn't want to change that, but if i can get some tubes that'd give me warmer cleans I'd appreciate any suggestions also if there are some to get more clarity out of the amp especially when i use lots of gain?
and can I do it myself or do I need to bias and whatever comes with it on a 5150 combo?
thanks everyone for everything
I don't know what kind of tubes you can get easily in France, but I know to change them you only pull them out and put new ones in. It really is simple once you do it.
Yup, all you do is pull them out and put the new ones in. The 5150 can't be biased unless you have it modded to do so.

As for tubes, SED =C= 6L6s are my favorite 6L6s on the market, JJs sound good in 5150s as well. Preamps, I'd suggest you do a mix of, that way you're not stuck with one sound, you can move the preamp tubes around until you think it sounds best.
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