my friend (drums) and his brother (vocals) started a band and theyre making so good music, i just want to hear your thoughts on them. i especially like the vocals.
their best song imo: [url=""http://www.hobnox.com/index.1406.en.html?cts[submission_id"]=676&cts[order_by]=best_ranked&cts[round_id]=39&cts[content_id]=25bdd4e257f0e917f99b4ce794474142"]"All the World's Simply a Stage" by Catnap
if you like them, please register and vote for them on the same site . they already have the second place and are almost winning the weekly race.
thank you so much!
Ha, this is pretty sick actually, i like. It's some funky shiz-nit

They need to change their name though, it doesn't fit with the music.
Camilla Choads.
and to further the war, im the biggest pth fan ever. another period.

but i agree that they should change their name. the vocals rocked
Quote by destroy_techno
Are you sure this isn't YOUR band?
I wish it was mine, lol.
Thanks for the positive comments, the drummer of the band was very delighted too .

But if you like them, could you also vote for them, please?