i was browsing youtube and i came across a guy called Brad Mehldau and his cover of Paranoid Android by Radiohead and i was wondering if this video is the one that appears on his album Largo, cause i'm a huge fan of "piano jazz" like Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans and Vince Guaraldi etc. and his music really appeals to me and i would quite like to get it.

Heres the link: http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=qWkOxYKNZOs

If any of you have it and can tell me i would greatly appreciate it!

Not only should you check out Brad Mehldau, you should also check out the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (E.S.T.), Avishai Cohen Trio, Michel Petrucciani, Keith Jarrett...

There are tons more, really, but I guarantee you you'll like those.
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This version isn't the one from Largo, but the one from Deregulating Jazz. Anyhow, he's amazing either way.

I'd add the Bad Plus to the groups Resi mentioned above as well.
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Check out Brad's Places album. Such intimate playing, also his stuff with Pat Metheny is fantastic.

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All the stuff I've heard from Brad is top notch, but I'd definitely recommend the 'Day is done' album.
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I bought his new album in London yesterday, after hearing lots of it on Radio 3, my word, it is absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend it enough, his compositions for strings are gorgeous.
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