What would you pay for 250 mililitres or vodka and how much for 250 mililitres or rum?
The liquer is average quality

I know I didn't spell mililitres right

And all help appreciated

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You can just say mL.

And I won't know, but I don't speak moonspeak and have no idea what an mL is.

Also, you could google it.

EDIT: I know I once paid 20 bucks for a fifth of vodka before...
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250 ml?
I've only ever bought litres for about a tenner.

So by default, £2.50.
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cheap 0,7 vodka 5euros
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in B.C. a 26er of Smirnoff is 26.99 in most places, not sure about 250mls though

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You know its not that difficult to type the word you don't know how to spell into Google. It will automatically try to find the word you were looking for instead of accepting that you don't know how to spell an elementary word.
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Cheapest vodka here is 50p for 375ml (Tescos I think)

Eh? No.

Tesco's own (not Imperial, the one below that) is ~£7.30 for a bottle. You know, the ones that are just less than a litre. Tesco don't sell any vodka for 50p, else I'd be all over that shit. They do sell cans of Tescos own lager for 22p though.
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A bit less than $10 for a mickey if I remember. It's been awhile since I've bought hard liquor.