our band has some song with a wider range of tone
for example some of our songs sound kind of spanishy and some sound like metal
all i want to know is what different scales/modes sound like such as pentatonic scale is used for rock
please send me examples for any mode or scale
I'm not 100% sure what your asking.

But with Pentatonic, it's not specifically for rock, it's very versatile, blues is what it's mainly associated with, and most easily used in, but I use it in Jazz, bluesrock, metal.

We'll stick on the pentatonic for a second, it's very easy to learn, but you can easily make it sound very different with the addition of roughly 2 notes per "position", the most used ones would be blues (adding a "blue" note) or Minor (the pentatonic would actually be a change on the minor but it's easier to learn pentatonic first then minor), pentatonic blues will be best used in blues and some jazz, where minor is very versatile, but can sometimes be left bland.
Another nice addition to the pentatonic are "Dorian" notes, I don't know the correct threory to this, but if you add dorian notes it can create a very different feel to your simple lick or whatever you're doing.

For modes, I'd start of light, look into various mode sounds, I personally love the sound of lydian, but experiment and all that, I haven't helped too much but I hope I've passed a lil' wisdom.
There's not an specific sound per scale you just gotta play around, the same for scales.
By the way I love mixolydian
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Actually, each scale does have it's own unique sound.

Major scale, (Ionian mode), sounds bright and happy. Not used too often in metal.

Dorian - minor sounding, sort of a bluesy/jazz feel. Satriani, and Santana use it alot.

Phrygian - minor sounding, very dark. Has a Spanish quality to it. Used frequently in metal.

Lydian - major sounding, much cooler than Ionian. Satriani and Vai use it often.

Mixolydian - major sounding with a blues feel. Think Slash.

Aeolian, (natural minor), THE minor scale. Randy Rhoads used this alot.

Locrian, diminished sounding, used mostly in jazz.

Then you've also got Harmonic minor, Melodic minor and all of their modes.
The 5th mode of Harmonic minor, Phrygian Major, (some call it Phrgian Dominant), is becoming increasingly popular in heavier styles of music. It has an almost Arabic sound.

I highly encourage you to learn the Pentatonic scales first. They'll give you a good foundation to build upon.
Also, take the time to learn the theory behind these scales, rather than just learn a few patterns. Knowing theory will help you to apply the different scales more effectively.
Hope this helps.