ill start it off with asking...are these quality guitars? i have had my eye on a few..they seem amazing..great build great paint jobs great price! what do you guys think?
I have two RG450's, bought about two years ago. They were my first guitars after not playing for many many years.

After playing more/various instruments here and there, I'd say these guitars are a decent value for the price, but not nearly as good as the PRS SE series in quality or value.

I have a purple and green one, and they are very nice looking, and the neck inlay is kinda neat. But the pickups are really average and non-descript and the frets are not polished and lack smoothness. Also the setup was not good, despite the claim that their tech sets these guitars up before shipping.

I don't mean to poo-poo them too much, but I think that for Chinese/Korean made guitars these (The RG450s at least) are decidedly average for the price.

Their other models may be much nicer; I don't have any experience with those however.
I've played on an RG450 (my instructor), and I own an RG350. While I'm not an experienced player by any means, I found these to be an EXCELLENT value for the price. I swapped my pickups out for Seymour duncans, but other than that I would definitely put these above Epiphone, for example.

Oh yeah: Raven Wests are only available on eBay, and a LOT of them are advertised with minor blems (dust speck under the finish, etc.), so you can pick up a really good deal.

Rumor is they're made in the same (Korean) factory as PRS. If you believe rumors.