This is a poem a just wrote.

Black. White.
Just two colors, right?
Are we really opposite? Or more or less, the same?
Hating someone for their color, is just as stupid as hating them for their name.
How big is our capacity to love?
Do we hold people away, just because they're not white enough?
Two people, the same, just different color grandparents.
Can we really hate somebody for that? Are we so uncaring?
Examine your own heart. Find out what you think.
What if that homeless person was a little more pink?
If racism isn't a crime, I don't know what is.
How can you hate a person, just because of their skin?
N*gger.Wetback. Chink. Hymie.
They are just harmless words, right?
Ask yourself this, would you say it if they were white?
I was disappointed because he didn't mention ******s.
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That was fairly embarassing to read.

Seriously, it's awful.
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