I think my 90watt Fender Combo amp is broken!! Everytime I turn it on, it works right for about 5 minutes, then I get this weird loud static sound through it, then it won't work anymore. Let's say I come back to it 15 minutes later and turn it on, then it'll work for another 5 minutes and the static sound starts up again.

I was thinking that maybe I just need some new guitar cables, but I don't want to buy brand new cords and then find out that that's not the problem. Do you have an idea what is wrong with it? I tried fumbling with the knobs and everything, but that doesn't work...

Oh yeah, I play with distortion, but I also use the clean channel and I only use the footswich that come with it. I play rock music.
specifically what amp is it?
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specifically what amp is it?

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I have a Fender FM65R practice amp that had the exact same problem as what you are describing. It cost $120 to fix it though! My reasoning behind spending that much on the amp was that I was going to sell it (which I never got round to doing).