im planning on buying a line 6 pod 2.0 tomorrow so i can record to pc.
i just need to know how, i was thinking since it has midi in/out i could buy a USB midi adapter and use that but im not sure and dont want to waste any money. also i want it for all the effects and amp models aswell but.
I personally would buy the PodXT. It has the USB built in and included way more amp models and has even more possibilities with the model packs.
but would i be able to use the pod 2.0 to record direct to pc with a usb midi interface.
im not too bothered about the extra amp models and effects. plus i would like to save some money to get a wah pedal
Yes you would be able to record with a Pod 2.0. Unless you already have a Midi-USB interface you are basically going to spend the same on the Pod 2.0 + Interface as you would on a PodXT used. IMO the sound quality of the PodXT is much better as well, but if you have your heart set on the Pod 2.0 it is a good buy as well.