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I came across this site recently, which is pretty lame for me.

And thought
"Hmmmmm there are so many faces on the internet that would look lulzworthy in these. TO THE PIT!"

Here's one I made earlier

Anyone who's seen the thread from my sig will recognise him.
Let's see what you got UG!

EDIT: I'm likely to post different ones with the same guy in. It's irresistible.
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I go down on one knee and do that shit cello style

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Is your name Mike? Do you want to be everyone's friend? Do you look similar to lots of other people? If so click here

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Fucking win S&R!
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Sounds like the most disturbing google search ever
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Sounds sexual

It very well could be

And I just realised... it should be Holefacing, I'm sure the grammar Nazis will pick me up on that one.

Could be waiting a while for the first entries.. the site is real slow.
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I go down on one knee and do that shit cello style

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The Pit is a reliable source of information
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I like Luigi.

His cock is maximum.

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I wonder if anyone will recognize him...


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Just eat the headstock.

That'll make you look mad.
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EDIT: 01:43 in UK = SLEEP
I'll wake up to great art in this thread.
Quote by bendystraw
I go down on one knee and do that shit cello style

This has probably been done to death by now but i couldn't resist.

Asian Face Grace Kelly !

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is that one in the middle jimmy page?


here's all of them

Top Left - Jeffrey Dahmer
Top Right - BTK
Bottom Left - Ed Gein
Middle - Brian Peppers
Bottom Right - Albert Fish
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