im replacing the tubes in my crate v33 head with jj el84's and mullard 12ax7's. do i need to re bias the amp when i do this? how do i re bias if it needs it.
i see on the crate web site it is cathode biased, if so can i just put the new set of el84's in if they are a matched set of 4?
If it's cathode biased, plug and play. Enjoy, I'd assume those crate came with subpar tubes so those should be a nice upgrade.
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It is cathode bias, so it doesn't need to be biased externally.
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sweet!! so i can just put the new ones in and turn it on and play and it will be fine?

sweet thanks. that helps alot. i though crate was gonna pull a fast one and say it's cathode biased just to make better sales.

i have a friend who bought an amp that said it was cathode biased and spent $100 on a tube change, cranked the amp after the change and it blew the new tubes because it wasn't biased properly.
^Your friend is a retard.
companies can't lie about stuff like that, as far as i know. it's a technical specification, not just a nice feature.

if your friend just put in brand new tubes and cranked the shit out of his amp, that's probably his fault for shocking the tubes like that.
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hey i just posted a new post about the differences between power tubes like, hard soft and medium. what the f**k does that mean.

god i fell as if i should know this by now.
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im replacing the tubes in my crate v33 head with jj el84's and mullard 12ax7's.

I put the same in my V30 and it made a huge difference.