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G runs. Bluegrass ftw
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I've always been partial to sliding pentatonic runs like this Am one


And also sliding around in thirds like this Em run


A run like that is dead easy to learn as it's just running through the chords, and they're both useful as you can drop them into a solo - "going up the neck from lydian to the phrygian then back to aeolian" doesn't really make sense and wouldn't have any practical application.
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Mr Seagull, you seem to know your shit, can you help me understand what RobChappers means here....

I asked - Can I use pitch axis theory in my playing, or is it more to illustrate modes of the major scale?

He answered - I use it all the time mate, it is strong practical theory! For example take a nice long 3 octave scale and play some lydian with it... then hit a minor chord shift it forward a semitone and your are shredding phrygian.
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