I bought this guitar new about atwo months ago, for around 500 or so, on a whim. It is great, but I'm gonna be buying a bass soon, and I play my Tele more, but my return policy had expired, so I'm offering a basically new X30 to you. This guitar is a metal machine, yet is great for anything from classic to hard rock to jazz. All flaws are factory... I babied this thing and it never left my room, save to get an intonation job, wherin it left in a hardshell case.


* Solid carved top alder body
* Bolt on neck
* Rosewood fingerboard
* Gloss finish (Black)
* 3-way switch
* Tune-o-matic bridge
* Washburn Headhunter humbuckers
* Exclusive Grover® 18:1 gear ratio tuners
* Buzz Feiten Tuning System™

Only thing I changed were the strings (recently, but I haven't played it other than to see if they were tuned) and I got an intonation job done for the lower tunings (could use another because after a while I was back up to e standard) Pickups are hot passives, and great stock ones. In all it's a great intermediate guitar for players not wanting to shell out 1000 on a new Ibanez RGT42D or something, as well as for anyone who wants to learn. Like I said... Only reason I'm selling is because I want to start saving for a new bass to write/record with. All guitar flaws are from factory

I'm looking for $300 for it

I'm available to answer any emails, requests or questions every week day after 5PM and Saturday and Sunday all day

Available for pick up, or I will drop off IF you live close enough. I'm not going to ship it, as I have had both FedEX and UPS **** up guitars i've shipped before, plus I don't want to deal with that hassle. I live in Guelph, ON, so hopefully you live close enough