Just trying to get an idea of how many people still listen to industrial tunes...

and particularly if anyone in south/western Ontario Canada does?
It'll come back in a few years. But it feels pretty dead right now
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yeah its hiding right now but will make a comeback

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I think industrial never got the true respect it deserves. It emerged for a very brief time in the early nineties, even though it has been around since the early eighties (as far as I know of). Then, it mysteriously went back underground. In any case, I still listen to and follow a lot of the bands: KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Pig, etc. [R.I.P. Godflesh... long live Jesu.]
what about rammstein they are famous and marilyn manson (although his last album wasn't idustrial.)....what 'bout them?
Industrial music is really hard to make. You need talent for that
I guess it did go away because although I still listen to Industrail music I only listen to it from the late 80s early 90s.

But Nine Inch Nails released some new stuff recently which wasn't really industrial, and some may say they were enver industrial to begin with.

Actually there are probably lots of industrial band everywhere, just look at the bands shamlessly promoting themselves on Wikipedia the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Industrial metal still exists. I listen to industrial metal. Nine inch nails is well known and is my favorite industrial band for sure. The first industrial band i heard was rammstein but it was nine inch nails that got me interested in industrial. Some industrial metal bands are somewhat well known, the more successful ones at least such as nine inch nails, marilyn manson, and rammstein. But alot of the lesser ones arent such as static-x, ministry, KMFDM, and skinny puppy.
You gearheads might wanna check out some hard drum n bass, like technical itch, current value, or panacea. Doesn't really sound as much like industrial as it has the same kind of feel to it. If that makes sense.
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industrial hardcore (the EDM genre) is still alive and kicking
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