Wow. Me like.

I wish I could solo like you.

~don't finkdinkle when ur supposed to be dimpdickin~
Hey thanks Tim!
I played this one out in my car (200watt speakers), and trust me this sucker is almost perfect when the system is cranked. Every bass kick shakes the mirrors and the guitar line makes your gut rumble. Too put simply, when you crank this thing. All the layers come out and explode in your face. In an epic way

I'll crit yours in a sec!
Glad you finally recorded it, I love the crashing guitar parts and definitely the solo's (which you improved from last time I heard it) which get better and better as you go on to the twin parts, oh and man those are some great drum fills in there!.

I believe this is my favorite one yet because its a good song and it has character.