My high E has been acting strange lately. The intonation is really bad on it (anything 12+ frets is almost a semitone down) and now whenever I hit ANY note, it rings in the odd sort of way, kind of like when you play two notes. It just sounds horrible. Any ideas?
take it to a guitar tech, it needs a set up (sorry about my grammar)
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you can set it up yourself. you need to adjust the high e part of the bridge with a screwdriver. adjust it till the harmonic of the 12th, the 12th fret are perfectly in E.
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take it to a guitar tech, it needs a set up (sorry about my grammar)

I can't really waste $45 on taking it to the local shop to do something I can do myself.
I think it's just screwed to hell. The neck is as straight as I can get it, but I get wicked bad fret buzz on one fret on one string and the intonation is crap.
No sense in getting the frets redone either, would probably cost half what the guitar is worth.
Last setup I got didn't fix anything.

And as for the intonation, the bridge saddle is as close to the nut as it can be (for all the strings, actually) and the intonation is still flat on everything.
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