Hi guys,

What are some good practice amps for under $100, to be used for metal, rock, blues, and clean? Thanks.
Yeah. Definitely go used here. It'll open up your options by a lot. Just browse music shops 'til you find one you like. It's not about what people recommend. It's just about finding something that has a sound you want. That's what's important.
You could probably find a used Roland Cube 20 or maybe even a Cube 30 for right around $100. You could definitely find a used MicroCube for under $100. They are great amps for the money
i have a roland cube 20 watt and its gottat nice tone to it but it does get a little loud when your alone. when im at band practice its just about right, over the drummer and everything. I'd say get a used one, since and a new one is somewhere around 175-200, depending on where you go. Its also easy to record with if your into that. But this is my suggestion, and the others above me, so just play around in the store until you find one you like, then look for the cheapest way to get it. Good Luck =)
you could go for the new Vypyr's by Peavey, they're nice for the price. i've played the 75w version, great amp. you could get the 15w for $100
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