Are the squire classic vibe `50s really that good i belive in the hype as i saw the specs but any hands on experience can tell me where they stand in bettween other strats

Sorry about my english i am...... stupid
i would love to hear about them too. im very interested in the pine teles.
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When I purchased my Squier vintage modified strat the local salesman described the differences between the classic vibe and my vintage mod. He explained the classic is simply a jazz-ed up lower end Squier with a better paint job and slightly better pickups then the base model Affinity series. I ended up buying the Vintage Mod at the same price the classic vibe sells for because it offered arguably the best pickups Squier offers on their guitars and the quality of this particular Squier was better than any other squier guitar in the store. I'd even say it was better than the MIM fender strat I was comparing in the store. IMO I picked the right guitar.
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It's better than a MIM IMO. I tried my friend's CV Strat and fell in love.

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I didnt know they used pine as a tone wood
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Very good. I played both The CV 60's and 50's strats, loved them.
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better then mim how would you compete them to jap strats

Jap stuff is pretty dang good.