i am trying to get a sound similar to death from above 1979's lead singers distortion on his voice. i have a cheap distortion guitar pedal that could use
i wasnt sure because i was using my rp250 on a clean setting with my mic running into it and i accidently clicked the pedal to a distortion and it made a loud screech.
you need a vocal processor..
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aside from actually growling/screaming the best effect i've found that won't produce excessive feedback like a distortion pedal is any processor effect that has a "bullhorn" sound.
try using a cheap over drive pedal. if you got the cash look into a vocal prossesor. i've never been huge fan of adding effects to vocals. you can achive distorting your own voice with scream and grawl techniqes.
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You could try recording at "dangerously" high volume levels such that your vocals get clipped and distorted.

note: this only sounds good with analog methods, digital distortion sounds terrible.