i just had my epi lp worked on because the pickups turned microphonic. the guy was going to put in a duncan jb pup, but it was dead, so he put in a set of gibson humbuckers for 30 bucks each (used). He said that they were either 57's or burstbuckers, and he got them out of a gibson lp standard. Does anyone know wat kind of pickups lp standards have used since say 1990, and is there any way to tell wat kind they are even if they arent labeled?
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ok i figured out that burstbuckers werent put into stock lp standards until 2002. b4 that it waas the 490r and 490t or something. does anyone know how to tell these from the burstbuckers? also, does anyone know the impedences of these?
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A quick Google search will reveal the D.C. Resistance of the models you're wondering about. Try it. BTW, it is D.C. Resistance we'd be looking for, not impedance - two different things.

Do you have a multimeter?

the guy that put the pups in for me wrote the resistance on the back of them so ill check them next time i change strings