What are yours? My band (me- guitar, and my friend- drums, and the bassist we recently found) and I have had a lot of problems getting stuff together due to different work schedules and the like, but our biggest obstacle has been finding a practice space we can use whenever we want. Our current one is the drummer's house, but we can only use it when his parents aren't home because they're douchebags (especially his step-dad) and when he doesn't have work.

We can't use my house due to lack of space, and we can't use the bassist's house as he lives almost 40 minutes away (the drummer and I live 5 minutes apart). We haven't had any luck in asking anyone to use their garage or house to practice at, and we don't want to spend the money to rent out a space.

So what should we do?
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I built a small shed in my backyard, believe it or not. No heating or whatever, but it has a working lightbulb and plenty of space. wasn't too hard to build, took a couple weeks with me, my dad and my uncle.
I know there are some who offer rooms in a building only for musician to use for a small price per month.

I myself got an room where I work in the summer, it was a empty room so I get to use it.
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My band practises at either our Drummers house or we use a school which is povided by the local council for youg bands which has shitty equipment but enough stuff for us to actually use

Another option is hiring a dedicted practice room.... they are pricy, like £17 for 3hrs where I live but you get equipment with some of them so you wouldn't have to take as much stuff... and you have sound treatment .etc
Ask if your school allows you to use the music room after school. Mine did
I think guitars that are made of Plywood are great!