What you've already done and post this exact same post in the ipod/iphone thread.
listen to better music
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Frontbassman, You Win!
Also, Sig this or die!

^Yea you read right, Victor Wooten just gave me a complement.

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dude, in flames sucks.
all their music sounds the same

^ he listens to dragonforce
Give your iPhone and your computar to charity.

Become a meandering hobo in order to truly know yourself
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listen to better music


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My friends cat smokes, wears a leather jacket and swears at me when i look at it.He is really fat so it makes it even more funny.
Wow, Googling "0xE8000035" must be the hardest fucking thing to do in history.

There should be a rule about asking questions that you're too dumb to Google.