im looking for some awesome blues guitarists to listen to and to play, srv is my favorite and something like his sound would be cool.
clapton? the bluesbreakers album is great
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well an obvious one would be jimi hendrixs stuff. if you listen to his slower bluesy stuff like little wing, castles made of sand, and angel. a lot of stevie ray vaughn stuff has A LOT of Hendrix influence
Well, SRV of course. Clapton plays some blues. Led Zeppelin has like one blues song, Babe I'm Leaving You, I believe.
Zeppelin I has a few blues types especially you shook me, The John Mayer Trio is kind of a blues-jazz fusion type thing, definitely some Clapton, Red House from Hendrix, Jeff Healey.
If you want a SRV sounding player than Albert King is your guy. Hendrix too. Other awesome blues guitarist are Duane Allman, BB King, Clapton, David Gilmour (kinda bluesy in a different way), Peter Green and plenty of others. If you wanna go way back then Robert Johnson was one of the best blues ever. Its just him and his guitar but sometimes it sounds like 2 different guitars are playing at the same time, its amazing. Theres a whoolllleeee lot more man
Jimmy Vaughan, his brother
Grady - way dirtier than SRV but man oh man do they rock. Gordie Johnson is a hero.
John Mayer Trio - this album and Mayer in general takes a lot from SRV
Warren Haynes - his work with Gov't Mule is unbelievable. Never ever pass up a chance to see them live.
Buddy Guy
the Three Kings
bluesbreakers, derek and the dominoes, cream, clapton in general, hendrix of course, listen to the woodstock version of red house and the 15 minute version of voodoo chile, son house, robert johnson, muddy waters, bb king, howlin wolf, blind willie johnson (especially 'dark was the night'), jeff beck's early stuff, john lee hooker, paul butterfield blues band, albert king, buddy guy,
if you like page and clapton check out one of their few songs together. Very bluesy i think one is draggin my tail.
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Allman bros
govt mule (nice to see another fan here)
muddy waters
bb king
howlin wolf
jimmy vaughn
jj cale
joe bonamassa
john lee hooker
john mayall (bluesbreakers)
sonny boy williamson

sorry for repeats, just looked at itunes and read them off
In addition to SRV, some great bluesmen would be;

BB King
Muddy Waters

If you meant bands, PM me and I can give a large list.

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Robert Johnson...first and formost. Then the three kings, BB Albert and Freddie. Son House and Skip James
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Somebody that's more thought of as a Jazz/Fusion guy, Scott Henderson, actually has done a few blues albums. Dog Party is probably his best one. Henderson is like SRV on steroids.
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yeah, Since I've been loving you is the real bluesy one. Babe im gonna leave you is an acoustic song.


Also I love Jonny Lang's lie to me album for blues and jazzy blues. Its great. Some Allman brothers is also good stuff, One of my favourite songs is a version of rolling stone done by hendrix and (I think) BB King.
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yep you really need to check out Joe Bonamassa, 2007 blues guitarist of the year. hes got such a wide variety of blues styles you'll here SRV, Clapton, BB, Eric Johnson etc all on one album!

heres on of my fav's

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How about Gary Moore
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joe bonamassa
John Mayer
Buddy Guy
BB King
Peter Green
eric clapton
robert J
T bone
Mike bloomfield
the list goes on...

guys in bold will remind you of srv
Gary Moore......one of the original pioneers of the blues and arguably the best

Theres a reason he had the first signature guitar under gibson
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Alvin Lee? Maybe a bit quick and a bit jazzy but good solid stuff.
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