hello everybody. I have a MIM standard strat with stock pickups (natural ash version, so the pickups have less output than other standards) that i want to replace. I need a bridge pickup than can make my ac30 sing with overdrive, but when you turn the guitar volume down and switch it to the middle position, you get sparkling clean tone.

the pickups im intirested in are Fender texas specials, Fralin blues specials, and Fralin high output tele pups (10% overwound kind). I know im gonna get the beautiful clean tone with blues specials, but not sure if they will drive my amp enough. on the other hand, texas specials seem a too dark and high-output-y to acheive a sparkling tone. The fralin high outputs, i havnt heard a thing about them, but they have about the same output as the texas specials

oppinions? comments? concerns?

Edit: I have realised i do not have a very broad view of the pickup world. Ice man has just introduced me to many differnet pickup manufacturers. So i guess the question now is how much pickup output would be appropriate for what i want?
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I really like lace sensors, but they're kind of a love/hate thing. Some people like em, some don't.
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that just made my life a whole lot easier.

no, not really, im being sarcastic >.< Ill check these out!

The owner of Rock Monkey Guitars is a member of UG and gives a 10% discount to all UG-ers I believe, so maybe check him out first. Even if you don't choose him, I'd advise that you contact all the owners seeing as how they know pick-ups and will be able to help you choose the right ones.

Oh, and one more-
I've got Texas Specials in the neck and middle of one of my Strats. I like them, but for some things they're a little bright. A buddy of mine has used Fralins in the past and said they are even brighter. He turned me onto the Seymour Duncan Antiquities. I put those in the neck and middle of another Strat, and I love them. In my opinion, they sound like what a Strat is supposed to sound like.