To Freepower and shred201. I've been playing many years now and basically just joined the board a little while ago. Was hanging out the EG and GG&A sections. Figure I would peak around the rest of the place and ended up here. I started reading the stickies here and ran into Freepower's almost everything thread.

Wow, I suck, lol. So many bad habit do I have. Well gonna take'em one at a time and hopefully be better and not struggle for every note. The very 1st habit I'm working on is anchoring. Now I don't really anchor, my finger move very freely and never stay in one spot but that has it's drawbacks too. I end up turning myself down as I'm playing on most of my guitars. I taught myself to roll the volume knob back up as I play, but still a handicap.

I don't really have any questions. Just a thank you. Oh, and BTW I'm missing notes right and left keeping my picking hand curled up. Got another really bad habit of letting my fingers fly really high, so I hope there is a good thread helping out with that.

Rock on guys
OK, I do have a question. My knuckles are hitting the strings when PM'ing. How do I fix this?

I play in classical position if that helps.
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Hold up your right hand in front of you, palm facing you.

You see the part on the far left, the big meaty lookin part under your pinky finger? The side of that is what you want to be muting with. That should fix your knuckle thing, remember you dont have to "curl up" your picking hand, just so long as you're not anchoring any part of it on the guitar you can hold it how you want.
So then, for you guys that curl your fingers. do you uncurl during PM'ing? I've always karate chopped, now I can't figure how in the new position. BTW i's easier then I thought to curl. go figure.

Thanks very much! I'll get onto your question now -

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My knuckles are hitting the strings when PM'ing. How do I fix this?

Take a good look at the shape of your hand and the angle you pick at. It's possible that you're just downstroking at an angle that pushes "into" the strings as well as down, and that's making your knuckles hit the strings.

The other most likely problem is that your knuckles extend past your pick - find a way to hold your fingers that keeps them in a bit - I'd recommend looking closely at Paul Gilbert, he's got a loose, neutral hand position.