Hi there, got myself a new Martin DC-1 / D-1 cutaway. W/E :P

cost me 670$[including tax]. not used. no pickup.
is that a good price?
it has a bump or two but I don't realy care, plus they gave some document at the store when I bought it, and told me to register it, that proves I'm the 1st owner of the guitar for if I'll want to sell it in the future.
I also got a pickup:
FishMan matrix infinity 2.3mm

what do you think about it? and how much should it cost to install it btw?

one more thing I'd like to ask: there's no tag in the body[you know, a one you can see through the hole]. and no serial number or anything annywhere on the guiatr. just the martin logo on the head. does that make any sence? cause I'm just a lil' afraid I got screwed up(though the guitar sounds great anyway and IT IS a martin, or so I hope hehe )

thx in advance for the help.
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Hmm...I can't address the items you mentioned in regard to verifying whether its a 'real' Martin. Did you look inside, at the neck heel-block? Sometimes they put the sticker there. There has to be something...

As to the pickup, it depends upon your expectations as well as your existing equipment. I have a Larrivee L03 hog with passive bridge-plate transducers from K&K Sound. These put out a lot of level for a passive system, so a pre-amp might not be needed. It sounds fantastic...very warm and natural, very much like the sound of the guitar by itself, only louder.

I also have a Taylor 412K with a Fishman Matrix system, consisting of an under-saddle piezo and a Crown lavalier condenser mounted inside the guitar, both of which are mixed, and phantom power provided, with an external Fishman Blender preamp. This was by far the more expensive system, at about $500, although to be fair, I got it about 15 years ago, when it was "cutting edge" The K&K Pure Western passive system sounds far superior to me and I plan to replace the Fishman stuff on my Taylor with a K&K Pure Western..

Are you running into an amp or a PA system? If the latter, then they usually have mic preamps onboard which will work fine for getting your level up. If the former, and the amp is made for acoustic, then it also is likely to have a preamp built into it. If you need a preamp, you can go for the expensive ones from fishman, LR Baggs, et al, OR you can simply buy an inexpensive mixer from Behringer, which costs very little and has very nice, clean mic preamps in it.

I've found that the K&K "Pure Western" transducers work very well and sound very warm and natural, and they're quite a bargain at about $85. A bit tricky to install, but nothing that a clever person can't suss.
look in the rose and up to where the neck joins inside...you will have to tilt the guitar to see but there should be something on a block there...also inside on the bracing(if that is what you call it)...sorry just seen the guy above me already said that
Yea, the serial number is inside the guitar at the neck block.

As for the Fishman Maxtrix Infinity, it should be a pretty good system. John Mayer uses it on his guitars as well. Installation price will vary depending on who you go to. It'll probably be over $50 for sure though.
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Yeah, thx guys but I already saw where it is.
feelin' so stupid hehe
It seems all the info is intact and I also registered it at Martin's website.

I mainly wanted to know opinions about the guitar and wheather you think I got a good price.