I'm about to take the bus down to the other end of the island to a magical place called American Village...

Its kinda funny, its so hyped by the Japanese as an exact replica of the states even though its not much like it at all...

Just has a mall and a ferris wheel and a seawall. It also has a few restaurants and shops...

I'm going down there just to get out of the house, but I'm also gonna check out this head shop I've never been to and see if I can find some incense...

What else should I get???

I guess I'll look around and I'm loaded with cash right now, so what should I buy while I'm down there?
cheers! i wanna go too1
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How is Japan?
Pretty cool?

And just wondering, would it be pretty rough for somebody that doesn't speak Japanese?
Saying that they're just visiting or possibly living there

I don't speak Japanese...

I'm here because my dad is a Marine and this is where we are stationed for the time being...

I really like it. It can get boring because I can't drive, but if i could it would be way better...

Also, This is just one of its islands, from farthest north all the way down south its only 50 miles or so.

The language barrier on the mainland might be different, although probably better in places like Tokyo with more tourism...
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Hm, interesting.

I've always wanted to move to Japan.
Is there housing near the base?
or once you leave the base it gets pretty "different"?

The bases are military so most everyone on them is American...

Off base is Japanese with the whatever Americans choose to live out there...

We used to live off base and we didn't have any American neighbors, but most of the stores and things have English speaking workers so its easy to get things done and have fun.

On and off base are pretty much polar opposites.