So, I found this Website called prizerebel.com, and the way it works is you fill out surveys for points, and then you use the points to stuff. They have mostly gaming stuff, like the reason I joined was to get a free xbox live membership. But after I got a fair amount of points, I noticed you can custom pick prizes. So I decided to see if they would send me a guitar center gift card and they did. So now I encourage you to try it out as well.
It is completly free to sign up.
Heres some tips when using it.
1. Start a new email acount to regester, because it will get loaded with spam.(this is the only downside, but if you use an email account you dont want, then it should be fine.
2. Use a real address, but not your own ( so like a kid from your school or something)
3. Go to custom prizes to get guitar center gift cards.
4. Use link to below to start you off with a bonus

<A HREF="http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=666099">Click Here</A>

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