Guitars recorded using a Mesa Dual Rectifier mic'ed with an SM57. Drums are Drumkit From Hell.
I had trouble getting the mix and the guitar tone the way I wanted (I think they're better in my other songs), but here's how it ended up! Solo also needs some tidying, but the ideas are there for later anyway.


way too much bass on the guitar recordings. You should try recording with a smaller combo amp that will definitely help with the guitar tone. Also less bass guitar in the recordings, and less bass on the guitar amps and more treble.

other than that you have some really good ideas for songs man. It sounds pretty good
Awesome piano intro, love it.
Liking the guitar riff, some good ideas there. But yeah, like tfotguitarist said, try to put less bass and a bit for treble, that'd be superb.

Anyways, that was a neat song. You guys sure have talent Good luck.

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thanks for the comments guys, yesterday i was tweaking my tone and i think now ive finally found "that" tone ive been looking for... ill get to recording it sometime during the week and post an update if i can
Hey man, very nice. I have to agree with the others about the bass being just a tad too much. But still a great job of playing and composing. Look forward to hearing it with the new tone you've discovered.
The piano intro was a nice touch for sure. I really liked the main riff. I didn't find the bass in your tone to be too much of a problem except for at like 1:50 and a little while after that but maybe it's my headphones. Otherwise at 4:25 you hard pan left and I expect there to be a pan right but it just evens out and it sounds a little weird to me, but it's nothing big.

Overall, great job! I'll have to listen to your other stuff when it's not so late.

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dude i think it sounds amazing, i think it just sounds like the bass might high maybe because of the way u recorded it. u should check out my profile my new song im working on.