Hi all ! I'm relatively new to the UG forums (I've been using the site for years, and have used the forums a tiny bit in past bands), so I figured I'd toss a post up!

I just recently released the lead single off of my upcoming solo EP (which'll be due out in early 2009), and am looking for some feedback. I don't get offended by constructive criticism at all, and am really hoping to get quite a bit of it, so please be honest!

You can hear the song at www.myspace.com/dandevita .

Also, I have it up for free download through the end of 2008 at www.purevolume.com/dandevitamusic and

Thanks in advance for any feedback and for listening !

Here is some feedback for you,
It's sounds real cool but,
Get more secure with your lead guitar playing and singing,
sometimes the lead guitar en vocals sounds a bit akward,
mabye you can do something with this,
keep up the good work!
Thanks for the feedback lancer. I definitely understand what you mean about the lead guitar sometimes needing to be more secure... out of curiosity though, what in particular about the vocals are you referring to? A particular part of the song or anything?

Thanks again for the feedback!
When you sing loud it sounds a lot better then when you sing low, by a lot. The only thing I liked about the song was the singing and the chorus. The verses of the song I thought were very uncreative and it was just a shitty guitar riff over and over and I didn't feel a lot of the lead was needed until the solo. Your vocals melodies made me like the song as a whole though. I think your very creative in that department. Overall what I liked overpowered what I didn't like. 8/10 good job.
In all honesty, this tune bores me. You've got a really good voice, and the melodies and harmonies/backup vocals sound terrific, but the overall sound of the song just seems very...generic. There were some points in the song where I lost interest due to its length, but not often (which is good for a six minute song).

Apart from the song sounding rather generic there wasn't much that sounded "bad". The lead guitar parts sounded good and they suited the song very well. The only thing that really detracts from it was the drumming, which sounds incredibly like a drum machine (so I assume it was drum machine). I will say this now - please go record the drums live - get a friend or someone to do it for you if you can't play the drums. If you get real drums I think the song will sound a lot stronger.

I think you've got some great ideas musically, but the presentation just wasn't for me. I'm only one person though, and I know that the vast majority of people who listen to modern rock will quite enjoy this song.

The only other "advice" I can give you is that six minutes is fairly long for a single, so the common listener might get bored halfway through - be wary of the regular humans' attention span.

If you've got some time give some of my acoustic tunes a quick listen and let me know what you think here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968