well i have been playing acoustic for 2 years
want to move on to electric guitar
well so
should I buy a cheap electric guitar play and practice n learn n bang
should I wait and save up and buy really good guitar n then start off,.. But no bangs since its more expensive =]

If its 2nd option whatelse can be done with acoustic??

Suggest some good electric guitars n amps n pedal
We'll since you've been playing for awhile already, I say you can already get a good guitar, there's alot of midrange guitars that are really good and will last you forever too.

But we need to know your budget (if you don't have one, give us a price cap for everything)
Playing styles
and willingness to go used.
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k guitar for min $200 max $700
amp for max $300
n pedal whichever it maybe
My first electric was a fender strat- it worked for me. I got a fender practice amp for like 70 bucks with it. I am leary about buying insturments off ebay but you can find some pretty cheap there. Espeically for pedals. Try craigslist.org too.
Quote by muzik415
k guitar for min $200 max $700
amp for max $300
n pedal whichever it maybe

Ok, first you don't need a pedal if you get a good amp

And perhaps you want to shift the guitar/amp price a bit, say $500 for a guitar and $500 for an amp. For 500 youu could set something like an Epiphone Dot, or a LP standard, Fender (MIM) Strat or Tele, or something abit more metal if you're into that. ( <- all four great, lasting guitars you'll never get rid of)

Then for $500 you have a bit of space to find a nice amp. If you're going to gig much, you need more volume, but for at home you could consider getting a great sounding few-wattage tube amp-ey.

But if you decide to go amp under $300 just get a roland cube for like $100 and save the rest up for a good tube amp later when you're ready.
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If you plan on banging it up or feel you may do so, get it used as suggested. Otherwise, get a new one and treat it as well as you can. Just go to musiciansfriend.com, guitarcenter.com, zzsounds.com, and google other music stores online to see what's out there for how much, read reviews, then call around to local shops and see if they have the model(s) you like and go try them out.
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