I want to paint my Lp junior but I really don't have any ideas. I don't want to paint it a solid color. I want something more "artistic", but I can't really think of something right now. Please help

Note: No EVH paintjob
well, you got the cliched idea of camo paint style, (I'm using this on mine, adapted with red and blacks insted of greens) You can do some simple stripes, or splaters, and if you want, you can go for a metallic/"sparkling" colour scheme.
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the splaters seem nice... but I don't know how to do this.

The guitar's neck is black so i'm trying to do something for the guitar body to match the neck.
An alternative to painting would be putting decals up. My friend has an old guitar which he covered with cool decals and stickers.But bear in mind they will leave residues unless you use those meant for guitars.

For painting, maybe a bloody-like paint job?
I think guitars that are made of Plywood are great!
Stencil it.

that way, you can develop your own design, and personalize it to your liking. the benefit of the flat top will make this a LOT easier.

do something that plays with the hardware (make something coming out of the pickup routs or off of the volume knobs, maybe?

Do a Marbleized finish

See the lines etc under the paint?

You can do what you liek, but each finish is unique.

That is a Black base, with white/silver marbleiser and a blue candy over that.

If you cleared over it, it would be white.
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A Good Kameleon finish, is VERY expensive, even for small amounts (you can't buy really small amounts) and difficult to achieve without experience.

There are similar finishes, that don't have quite the same effect tho and are easier to apply.