Hi, I'm looking into buying a new guitar soon. I have spotted the classic player strat (50's and 60's versions) but I'm not sure which one to go for.

I definatley prefer the sunburst colours but what really holds me back are the necks on each model.

The 50's version has a maple neck which I prefer but it has a V shape neck I have never played but I do really feel comfortable with the C shape I have now on my deluxe squire strat and I'm not realy sure how a V would feel. Can you actyally feel and see a sharpe edge? I have quite long, skinny hands.

The 60's version has a rosewood neck which although I'd prefer a maple I'd settle for the rosewood. The problem is here is that it has a 12" radius neck which I have never played on. Will the 12" radius fretboard make a big difference? Better or worse. All the sites seem to seem what it means but not what the actual difference in feel will be.

So, as you can see I'm stuck. The 50's or the 60's?? Its only the neck thats causing me a problem. Oh, also would i be able to change the 1ply pickgaurd on the 50's version for a 3 ply as it looks better or will their be slight difference in shape??
I would go for the 50's. It has a maple board and the V neck is very comfy to play. It's not a very drastic V so you probably won't even notice it.
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Well, I got the 60's classic player with the rosewood neck even though I fully intended to go out and get the 50's one with the maple neck. I wasnt happy with the quality of it (the one ply scratch plate was lifting like you wouldnt believe and the weight seemed really light). I'm not kidding when I say I had sleepless night after I brought it home as i was still not sure i made the right choice. I finally took it back late last night with the intention of changing it for the 50's one I originally wanted as i like players such as gilmour and knopfler and that maple twang but when I looked at it again i was definatly sure i had made the right choice. The feel of the 60's classic player is much better, the neck and the weight although i think if i had given the 50's one enough time i might have thought the same about that one as well. I'm not normally a fan of the rosewood necks but i'm really happy with this. Also, the guy in the shop tried to buy it from as the neck is a flamed maple finish which he thinks is something special ..... Anyway , all done.
One ply pickguards aren't that much of a problem, they only bend and warp if you don't look after them, which you should be doing. And I think you can get 8-hole pickguards somewhere, but I don't think Fender make an offical one, unless someone gives me a link.

Anyways, I've got the 50s model, and it's a really nice feeling guitar. It's not so much a V shape, it's a soft V, so it isn't as prominent, if ya get me. It has locking tuners aswell, so the trem won't go out of tune either, and the pickups in it aren't bad either; the 60s one has CS 69s, and the 50s only has the 57/62s, but I prefered the 57/62s anyways, so it doesn't really matter.

Play them both. I couldn't stretch that bit enough. It's the only way to find out which one you like the feel of better. They are pretty different guitars, each with their own personallitys and all that, but which ever guitar you choose, it would be an awesome choice!

The 12" radius, just to note, would make it easier to bend on than the 50s, which only has a 9.5, but it makes playing chords harder. But you can always buy a neck off Warmoth for either of them if you like the feel of the neck, but not the radius and hoohah. So you could have a maple on the 60s one, which would be a good comprimise.
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There's a slight neck profile difference, so you'll want to feel them each on your own.

Getting deeper into differences, the 50's models have maple fretboards, which are supposedly worse for playing fast(although Yngwie and EJ use maple boards, they play pretty damn fast.), while the 60's strat has a rosewood board. That's probably the most noticeable difference.

Smaller differences include a few worth noting. The first and smallest is the truss rod. The 50's strat has the hole to adjust the truss rod from at the head like modern strats, while I'm no sure about 60's strats, albeit I do know they don't have it at the head. The 60's strat also has a deeper stomach contour, but that's really a minor thing.

Probably the biggest difference would be the pickups. The 50's strat has a clearer, chimey bell tone that is good overdriven but not distorted(Think Eric Clapton), the 60's strat has a warmer sound that'll go better with distorted tone(Jimi-Fuzz).

Really you should just sit down and play each. Maple will be slicker, albeit stickier, but will yield faster playing overall if you can get good on it. The pickups on the 50's strat are more bluesy, while the pickups on the 60's strat are more geared towards rock. The 50's strat has a much easier-to-reach truss rod. Just sit down and decide for yourself though.

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