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The Caucasian race, sometimes the Caucasoid race, is a term of racial classification, coined around 1800 by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach for the "white" race of mankind, which he derived from the region of the Caucasus.[1] It was thus in use as denoting populations of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Central and South Asia, or more narrowly people of European origin.[2] The concept's existence is based on the now obsolete typological method of racial classification.[3][4]
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Yes, actually, they are.
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well it depends, as Israel preforms as a house for all jews, we have ancestors from throughout the world, notbly in Poland and other whiteass countries, so yeah, we're like 50/50 white/middle-eastern
...And The Nominees Are
Last time I checked, Caucasian just means having white skin, and Middle Easterners don't have black/dark brown skin, so I guess they are Caucasian. That said, Asian people are Caucasian then really, because it basically means "not black", so it's a pretty broad term.
I dont think Arabs are fully Caucasian but you could say partly Caucasian, maybe mixed along with the genes...

Or otherwise, Caucasians bombing Caucasians rather than terrorists would sound pretty weird..
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no they are arabs
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Yes and No. By true definition they are Caucasian, because they can be traced back to the Caucasus by physiological features and mitochondrial DNA. By common usage today, no they aren't. But common usage is used by silly people.

shut up.

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