Ive posted a thread about Hawkwind under Modern Rock which should have gone here. How do I notify the mods so they can move it here?


Gareth Felkin
i dunno...but they're trippy as hell. my dad saw them live a few times back in the early 70's. i'm pretty jealous.
their playing my local venue that is only 600 capacity in a few weeks and i cant f***ing wait, is going to be wicked!!! bring on the prog
Lemmy was in there once. That was cool.
hahahaha look at all you people posting on this forum
Jeez guys....I'm really dated now, I saw them in the 70's many times, great fun then but doubt they'll have the topless Stacey dancing for them now...she may just be a bit old and droopy for that.
To old to fretw**k, to young for the blues!