Here is the code i am trying to run

Private Sub Button9_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button9.Click
Dim attempt As String
Dim counter As Integer
counter = 0

attempt = InputBox("Enter your password")
While attempt <> "basic"
MessageBox.Show("wrong! - try again.")
counter = counter + 1
MessageBox.Show("you have entered the password incorrectly " & counter & " times")
attempt = InputBox("Enter your password!")

End While
MessageBox.Show("Welcome to the program! You have made " & counter & " errors with your password!")
End Sub
End Class

everything works but i made an error in the last messagebox, lets say program was spelt "programemsnmsbn" I have corrected it to the above but it still pulls through the old word. Why is this?
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In answer to TS, wish I could directly help you, but you should also be able to google the chapter you are working on....I did this when I was in CIS and there are a few sites out there that could help you.