DO you like to sing? Live in or around Knoxville TN? Are you tired of the same old things in the Knoxville scene? Are you tired with the complacency the young people in Knoxville have? Like bands like Fugazi, Radiohead, The Beatles, Minor Threat, Death and Black Flag? Then we may have a band for you. We, The Unashamed, are in need of a new vocalist. We have been gigging for a while now, and our current singer has had to quit due to school. We don't care about age, race, or gender. All we care about are people with creative drive, dedication, and a burning desire to make a change with music. If your interested, please send an email to the.unashamed.band@gmail.com and please visit our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/theunashamedknoxville for a sample of our music.
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