hey all,

I'm the guitarist for the band Second Seduction.

After we lost a couple of members we are now looking for people again.
We need a drummer and bass player mainly, and then a second guitarist too.

We sound pretty heavy rock/grungey, with classic rock elements and a bit of metal thrown in too with female vocals...though we are NOT Evanescence!

We're based close to Manchester City Centre. Looking for people who will be committed and dedicated to practicing at least once a week and getting some gigs and a demo sorted as soon as.

looking for people 18-30 I guess but age isn't as important as attitude!

Hope to have some replies soon
i'm quite interested to give this a try...but im studying at uni and fear that it might clash with my studies....

just wondering, could you maybe show a sample of one of your songs? hehe
hi sounds good, we're playing an acoustic set at lime bar at 8 tomorrow if you're free then come and check us out, or have a look on www.myspace.com/secondseduction, we have 2 covers on there at the moment but we're going to do some recordings of our own songs and put them up this week. cheers
ah...ic...im afraid i wont be free 2moro to check u guys out live...i play electric guitar, but im not greatly experienced, my music theory is pretty much crap, so im afraid i might not be of much help on song writing ...but i would like to join for some experience and hopefully learn some stuff if you dont mind...if not it's alrite haha
Well my music theory isn't that great either so don't worry about that!
I'm sure you can be of some help songwriting and such!
What kind of gear you got?
You up for meeting for jam or something soon?
haha alrite sounds cool then, ive got an electric guitar (Jackson) and a Vox AD30VT. im up for meeting up sometime soon....say this weekend maybe?