Click on the right side where you can choose the language... I urge everyone to watch the whole thing.... Also, I'm not trying to be racist, and if you are offended by this video, then I'm sorry. But everything in the vid is true. Also please post a reaction here. Thank you, Pit.
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Have you watched the video? It has nothing to do with race.

Sorry, I just wanted to get that out of the way as loads of people would have started it otherwise.
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Says the man with the predominantly white cat av!

How dare you! He is completely mixed race.

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Oh, so it was just to beat everyone else? That's fine . But really, watch the vid.

It was to prevent trolling and people talking about.. Kensai.

*watching now*
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Well, thanks for getting that out of the way.

Seriously, these days, sadly, I have to.
Wonder if this counts as linking to gore... Oh well

Wasn't really shocked by it.
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Do you think abortion is right?

I'm not touching this subject, even with a 40ft pole.
I dont find it disgusting... just a little bit overdramatised and a very one sided argument.
Abortion is and should be a perfectly viable option and far better than continuing all the way through the birth.

Would you rather the baby was born, and grew up where it's parents couldn't support it, or where the child was neglected as it was unwanted!!!

I dont think abortion should be legal past a certain stage, but i do think all aborted foetusses should be dontaed to stem cell research...everyones happy.
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Finally his girlfriend found out what it was like giving oral sex to fishsmelling genital organs.

Until politics stands in the way of climate change and pollution in general, why should we continue to force children into this dirty world?

On the other hand, if climate change doesn't exist to you, IT IS THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE TO DO THIS TO THEIR OWN BABIES. Barack supports Americans, not potential Americans. It is harsh, but honestly, if you're against abortion, support people to have sex only when they want children, OR offer to adopt the kids yourself. It is stupid people who kills their unborn children.

Are we so cynical, that we need POLITICS to mandate our own humanity? It is called PROCHOICE, not YOUHAVETOHAVEANABORTION.

EDIT: HEY! that guy was on charmed once!
what a load of shit
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^I agree.

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!!!OH YEA!!!
...sorry...i'm very rarely agreed with
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Finally his girlfriend found out what it was like giving oral sex to fishsmelling genital organs.
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Do you think abortion is right?

Yeah, I think its right. Its not my problem if some states if the US allow abortion up to 9 months, even though I want sources for that. Most other countries have limits.

The UK limit is 24 weeks I believe. Abortions should be avaliable to women who feel they need them.

However, as a proponent of abortion, I would like to see the limit lowered to 20 weeks because before this time, the fetus cannot survive outside the womb. Not even with current or future medical technology because of the simple fact that at 18 weeks, the brain, nervous system, etc are not fully formed. Pain cannot be felt before 18 weeks, delta brain waves (conscious brain waves) do not begin until after 24 weeks.

Also, we do not know when life starts but it is definately not at conception because 1 in 4 blastocytes do not even begin to grow into a human fetus. Even so, if my sources are correct (medical journal Lancet I cant remember the issue and date), the first three odd weeks are the time when the zygote can be lost, something like 85% chance of it being lost and this is due to it not embedding properly, so the ball of cells die... Note, ball of cells. Its not yet human and its not a sensient being.

So abortion is not murder below 20 weeks because the fetus is part of the woman and relies on the woman to keep it functioning, in fact, it acts like a parasite. It is part of the woman, and hence it is her choice if she wants the fetus removed.

Edit: Need citation on a few things in this post, I may have gotten some things wrong, so if anyone spots a mistake in the time line of development, let me know. I cant remember if it is 18 weeks or 24 weeks for delta brain waves to be picked up in the fetus, and Im not sure of the survival rate of a blastocyte and zygote in the earlt stages after fertilization.
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I not only think abortion is right, I think the age should be raised from a few months, or whatever it is now, to 60 years.
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Biased video.

I still think that abortion is right, with a limit though (like 20-25 weeks)
It really hasn't changed my opinion. I'm still pro choice.

That doesn't mean I'm saying " Hey your pregnant, lets get an abortion, I'm buying"
I'm just saying if you feel that you need to take that step, then you should have the choice to do so.