Man i know how he feels, shredding my heart out when my mum comes in and tells me to quit it, maybe if i was as good as him she wouldn't stop me, i guess his mum just doesn't appreciate good music
He's like a mad, homosexual Steve Tyler.
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That's a lot of booze. Frankly, I'm impressed. You're of a stronger timber than the average man, jimbob! Hail you.

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Yes you should go to a doctor, fucking moron. We can't do anything about your hemorrhoid.

when you're on stage being a rock star, it doesn't even matter if your guitar is in tune because its just cool to rock.


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I once told a Metallica fan I liked Megadeth, and he stabbed me 42 times.
Thanks guys.

It's nice to know there are intelligent people out there. It's actually me (Larry Graves aka "Canadian Studmuffin" aka "Phil McCracken") I have a few "guitar tutorials" on youtube with that character and the funny thing is, a lot of people think he is for real and they get very upset (not with the current one yet...but with other Phil guitar tutorials..) The video is under "comedy" but they think Phil is being serious. ("YOUR NAMING THE STRINGS WRONG!!!")

I can't play the guitar (which is quite obvious) but I certainly respect those that do. Rock on guys!!!
this is fvcking hilarious
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You are a redeeming feature for the UG Swedish population.