Like in the bridge of Afterlife by A7X, or Since U Been Gone by A Day to Remember?

Im sure the 81 can pull it off, but what more cna be done on my amp to get it?

The 5150 is really bassy, and both these palmmutes are like a treble chunky almost.

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Back off on the bass?

What's your amp's settings?

Get an OD pedal.
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Get an OD pedal - like a tube screamer, and put it on with the gain low. It'll tighten your attack.

That's more crucial to your tone for what you're looking for than the individual settings on your eq.
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Also, don't be chasing studio tones. A lot of these guys amps don't sound as good as you think in real life and be sure you don't confuse the bass guitar with the guitar tone. They can melt together easily and make you think the guitar is thicker sounding than it actually is.

Regardless, I would cut the mids back to about 3, and the treble to about 4. Then set the presence and resonance to between 8 & 10.
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